Living Room Makeover

If you followed along with my home makeover posts, you’ll know that it has been a minute since I posted any updates. I left off with us renovating the living room and showing it completely torn up, in the works, to really coming along. We’ve come quite a long way since my last post, and will probably continue touching it up as we go. For now, I’m sharing our latest living room makeover, decorated and cozy enough for us to enjoy lots of date nights in.

Shopping for home decor can be a challenge in both saving for items and finding the items. I’m one of the few people who isn’t a thrifter, although I grew up shopping them frequently with my dad. I don’t have the patience for finding rare finds at the thrift store, knowing which stores to hit, but I do have the eye for Target and Anthropologie sales. I find some of the best discounted, almost all of my decor, discounted at these two stores and occasionally West Elm. Its all about finding those sales!

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