4 Favorite Online Clothing Stores to Shop

This post may seem like a no brainer for some, but there have been so many times that I’ve mentioned one of my favorite online stores and someone hasn’t heard of it. These stores have changed my wardrobe and made finding clothes that much easier. The outfit featured in this post combines all items that I have purchased online without seeing them in stores prior to purchasing and have become some of my favorites!


Zara has brought me such a long way in the shopping department. I have yet to purchase an item that didn’t have the quality material that I was looking for. The items lasts and make me feel confident in what I am wearing. Zara is at the top of my list for sure. If you shop on Black Friday (I know, only once a year) you can really get A LOT for great prices.


ASOS is cheap clothing and “cheaper” quality, but I love the items that I purchase from them. It’s is a lot like Forever 21 in both price and quality, so you can compare to it to that with more selections depending on your style. I tend to find more on ASOS than at Forever 21 overall. Some of my favorite sweat pants, velvet pants, sweaters, and t-shirt have come from ASOS. They do not have an actual store, which is a common question that I get!


Madewell can be both in store and online for me. Occasionally they have items online that they do not carry in store, so I definitely recommend shopping their online store for extra inventory. I also recommend popping in for a shopping day with girlfriends to browse and trying on a pair of their jeans for sizing. That way when you go to purchase a pair of their jeans online, you already know your sizing. Just note that the jeans should be tight fitting as they will wear out over time, as well as different cuts will fit differently in size. It’s good to try on several pair in different cuts!

Forever 21

Most of us are very familiar with Forever 21 and while we do have a store close by, I tend not to shop it. I’ve been to some pretty amazing Forever 21’s that make you feel like you stepped right into shopping heaven, and the one closest to us is not that. I have noticed over the years of shopping that stores seem to carry items based on the popularity and criteria of the surrounding area. For this reason, I find more options online at the Forever 21 site than I do in store.

Top | Pants | Earrings | Purse | Boots (similar) | Coat (similar)

The one item in this post that I did purchase in store on a whim is the fluffy oversized coat. It’s from the Topshop section in Nordstrom.

Stay tuned for a few of my favorite online shopping tips to make purchasing online easier!

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