Madewell and Satin Shorts

I’m always raving about these satin shorts. They are seriously so comfortable. The t-shirt is from Madewell and CAN be comfortable, but it honestly depends on the day. I know, I know, did I just say that a t-shirt is only sometimes comfortable? We all thought t-shirts were supposed to BE comfortable. That’s what they’re made for. I have owned so many things from Madewell, and I honestly don’t love any of them. EXCEPT my jeans. Those babies are some of my most comfortable jeans. It’s not the quality of the items at Madewell, it’s the cut. The cut does not fit right on me. The only day I love wearing this t-shirt is when I’m going to the movies and feeling super casual, so I pair it with my black ASOS sweatpants. I wore this outfit when Cath Claire and I went for smoothie bowls at North End Juice Co only to find that they were closed! They have two sides and the ice cream side was open, so we opted for ice cream. A good day for ice cream, a good day for t-shirts.

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