Ice Cream Date

I am so excited that Spring is almost upon us. I thought I would miss the snow if spring decided to come early, but I am LOVING it. Yet, Virginia weather DOES have it’s ups and downs, so I’ve been sporting my ripped Levi’s non-stop. Yesterday Joel and I went on an afternoon date in the city to shop and explore. We wanted to try the new ice cream shop on West Broad called Charm School, but they are closed on Mondays which was such a bummer! We’ll try it next time. Instead we checked out the newest Gelati Celesti location in Scott’s Addition, which is our favorite ice cream shop of all time. Scott’s Addition AND Gelati Celesti is a win win and the ice cream sooo delicious. I wore my go-to outfit – BDG ripped high-rise jeans and my cropped sweater by Forever 21.

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