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Before you can make your grocery list, it’s helpful to know what items are essential to keep stocked. Once you have these items on hand, it makes it much easier when you’re trying to make meal plans and buy groceries. Some of the items are items that I buy weekly (things like diary and meat), but some items are things that I have to stock up on every 6 months. Those items mostly consist of spices and things you would buy in bulk. When I see myself repeatedly buying an item, I try to start buying it in bulk and I save money in the long run. Again, not all items can be bought in bulk, but items that keep for long periods of time should be. Your essential items will vary from person to person. The lists below are based off of the recipes that my family likes, and items that I have seen repeated in many of my dishes. If you see recurring patterns of certain items being used in your cooking, these will be your essential items. 

The first example shows the items that I buy weekly. The items on the list are not items that I buy every single week, but these are the items that I would buy on a weekly basis and keep stocked fresh. The second example shows items that I buy in bulk, and only stock up on every once in a while when I run out. Check back Monday for how I make my grocery list and how I budget for my shopping trips.

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