2013 & Goals


At the beginning of the month I made a short list of my January goals, which I posted here, but I never made a list of my 2013 goals. Not publicly anyway. I wrote them down in my photography journal for just my eyes. I want this year to be even better than my last, so here I go, jotting down my goals in a blog post so I can really look back and see what I accomplished at the end of the year. 

-Invest in the 50 mm 1.2 
-Finish designing my new logo & brand 
-Practice with the lenses on my “fun” list 
-Read Jasmine Star’s new magazine 
-Watch the videos in Jasmine Star’s new store 
-Shoot two weddings 
-Shoot three+ engagements 
-Shoot a bridal session 
-Find my workflow 
-Travel to Nashville 
-Travel to Staunton, VA 
-Stay in a cabin in the mountains in the fall 
-Celebrate our 2 year anniversary in Morehead City (tradition) 
-Finish my Simple Knits book
-Take baking & cooking to the next level 
-Redefine my style of photographs 
-Practice with posing 
-Define my ideal client 
-Practice with natural reflectors/sun flares 
-Practice with using a flash 
-Meet Christa 
-Office Makeover
-Finish the No Brainer Wardrobe series 
-Finish the first floor of the house makeover 
-Start hunting for land to buy 
-Put my Holga camera to more use 
-Buy new memory cards/battery/battery grip 

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  1. Carlee, Almost Endearing
    January 8, 2013 / 10:55 pm

    These are awesome goals. I wrote 13 goals for 2013!! CarleeAlmost Endearing

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