Virginia is for Bloggers

As I mentioned in this post, this past Saturday I went to my very first Virginia Blogger’s lunch. It was so fun! I met a lot of really cool people, and I was able to match some faces with some well known blogs here in Richmond. We ate lunch at a local place called Flames 231. I wasn’t actually hungry, so I didn’t eat, but let me tell you, the food looked amazing. Joel and I will definitely be returning for a date night. 

The picture above was taken by AJ, one of the branding developers for the restaurant. Looks great! Don’t forget to Like AJ and his team, as well as Flames 231 on Facebook! 

a few VA bloggers from lunch

Dogs of Richmond

Thirsty Richmond

Chic Stripes

Dirty Richmond

Naturally Glam

I Heart Vegetables 


Fashion Junkies United  



  1. Gaby
    October 24, 2012 / 10:41 pm

    i wish someone in sydney would organize something like this, always looks like so much fun!

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