Fall Favorites

There are a few things that I must have every fall. For example, I get cold so easily, so I like to wear slippers ALL the time around the house, or at least wool socks. These things are just a few of my fall favorites.

1 Chunky Knit Scarf: fall is chilly, but not quite cold enough for heavy peacoat jackets, so chunky knit scarves like these are perfect for extra warmth. Check out scarves by Leney Breeden, her’s are the warmest!//2 Chunky Purses: I’m not sure why, but I love big heavy purses during fall/winter. Aldo and Urban Outfitters are my favorite two stores to look for chunky purses that will last//3 Rayban Wayfarers: I’m always wearing my wayfarers, that’s nothing new//4 Warm sweaters: they keep you warm, duh! Goodwill has the best of these//5 Flora by Gucci: this perfume will forever my favorite fall/winter fragrance//6 Wool socks: enough said//7 Adele 21: I’ve always thought Adele’s voice was a voice to listen to when you’re snuggling up by the fire or playing in the snow, again unsure why//8 Beige Nail Polish: not only do I love Chanel nail polish, I love this color for fall//9 Slippers: must have. I cannot walk around the house without socks or slippers on//10 Hot Starbucks Drinks: does this really need a description?//11 L’occitane Shea Butter: I will use this every day, no matter what season. I like to buy the small tube and use it as lip balm. I have never met a lip balm that moisturizes my lips as good as this one…//12 Firewood: I cannot get enough fireplace fires and bonfires to cuddle up by//13 Brown Boots: I wear my brown boots almost every day. These, and black boots, are definitely a fall necessity.

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  1. Seoul Sold
    October 17, 2012 / 11:07 am

    Your favorites are perfect for the turning weather! I am intrigued by your choice of Flora by Gucci. I have been looking for a new fragrance and I might have to give this one a try! Great list!

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