Over the Weekend…

Over this past weekend I had so many wonderful opportunities! I organized my closet for my No Brainer Wardrobe projectand I also did my husband’s closet… I worked with Sydney from Chic Stripes covering a model call here in Richmond for RVA Fashion Week next month. The article will be published on Downtown Short Pump in the upcoming week. I made a trip to Krispy Kreme with Joel and was very disappointed! Their shop is under construction, and part of the fun is seeing the donuts in the making, but luckily they had their drive-thru open. We got a dozen, I ate 5. I saw Lights in concert on Saturday night with A Girl Named Leney and my friend/artist De_Raw, aka, Dave. Pictures coming soon! I also discovered a new band called the Ambassadors, who opened for Lights at her show. Love them! You can check them out here. Joel and I went shopping for a new coffee table, and found one we love! It also has a matching kitchen table (I don’t think the store meant for that to happen), so we are going back in a few weeks for that too. Last, but not least, I slept in with Joel on Sunday morning and we made homemade blueberry pancakes. Recipe will be on the blog tomorrow. So many good things to link up I hope you check them out! 

I hope you had a good weekend!


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