Dreaming of Joshua Tree California

I am in LOVE with the desert. Any desert in the United States. Joshua Tree in particular is incredibly beautiful and so far my favorite. It was my DREAM to go. It's also my dream to photograph a Joshua Tree wedding/elopement/fashion shoot, so if you know anyone looking for a photographer! I'm your girl. This East Coast girl is ready to get her West Coast vibes on. Palm Springs is as hot as a blow dryer on high blowing directly in your face, but oh is it awesome. I didn't get many photos while there (kicking myself), but the avocado sandwich at Kings Highway at the Ace Hotel is OMG. We also got tacos at Reservoir which were some of the best tacos I've had, AND they mist water on you while you eat. Yes, it's that hot. Overall, I am dying to visit again already. I love you California.