In 2011, I opened my doors as a photographer shooting food, weddings, and families. For free. Through the years I developed my craft and recognized the power of knowledge. I started studying everything I could about posing, workflow, camera techniques, branding, you name it. My favorite book to this day is the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding- which I owe my photo booth business to. If the photographers I looked up to were hosting webinars, I signed up. If they were hosting in-person workshops, I paid to get there. I spent hours learning and loved every minute of it. I worked to get the MBA in the life that I wanted as a photographer. 

For me, that meant getting the clients of my dreams and shooting the work that I was passionate about. Through the years, I helped photographers that reached out for help with their own businesses on the side of running my own. I fell in love with educating and seeing people grow through the power of learning. After 6 years as a wedding photographer, I decided to end that chapter to seek a career in coaching. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a photographer grow into who they were meant to be, shooting what they are passionate about, and living the life of their dreams.  

If you like being badass, working with your dream clients, doing what it takes to get them, and believe in the power of having a brand that sets you apart, I'm the coach for you. 

I'm a Momofuku Milk Bar-obsessed wedding photographer turned business coach.

I also love chocolate croissants and coffee. 

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